Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Equipment lined up

The constant rain in Southern California ended up causes a leak in the roof causing water to make its way through the ceiling and into the flooring of this Rancho Cucamonga home. We came in with our equipment ready to dry and remove any water damage caused by the incessant storm. 

Constant exposure

This home experienced excess water from a storm. They did not know that there was a lot of water that was absorbed into the walls until they started to see the growth of mold. 

Heavy Rain

A heavy rain caused extensive water damage in this Rancho Cucamonga living room. After removing flooring we were able to dry the space so that contractors could replace the floor. 

Living room flood

After a huge rain this living room was flooding with water. We ended up removing all of the flooring to dry the entire room. The flooring was eventually replaced and the room was as good as new. 

Office space

This office was hit with a roof leak. Luckily we were able to work around the desks in order to repair the issue. Staff was back up and working in no time at all. 

Rotting porch

After our latest storm the water destroyed the back porch of a local home. It wasn't even secure enough to walk on. SERVPRO came in, demoed and fixed the porch. Good as new.